Automobile Risk Prevention Tips!

1. Even though your vehicle is equipped with all-wheel drive refrain from driving vigorously in snowy conditions.
2. Clean and remove snow from all windows at all times to maximize visibility.
3. Try to avoid street parking if you have a driveway, this can eliminate the risk of your vehicle being struck by a sliding vehicle and/or snow plough.
4. Install snow tires.

Property Risk Preventions Tips!

1. Keep your walkways safe and salted.
2. Drain your hoses and shut off exterior taps.
3. Keep natural fireplace fires at bay by keeping the flame low. Also, have the proper safety measures in place to extinguish a potential proximity fire resulting from a left alone fire or spontaneous embers.
4. As they add beauty and character to your home they can also bring devastating destruction so be sure to have old trees trimmed away from roof and/or checked for vulnerabilities.
5. To avoid ice damning on your roof tops be sure to keep your eves free of leafs, and try to remove sitting snow piles from the edge of your roof tops.
6. Keep all of your systems in the house maintained and properly inspected as this can reduce your chances for making an insurance claim which will allow you to keep your claims free status.
7. Be sure to re-evaluate your hot water tank as they generally have a 10 lifespan
8. Prevent water damage by making sure your downspouts are properly directioned and dispersing water 3 feet away from your house. Also, install a sump pump, with a battery along with a backwater valve to prevent a sewer back loss. Lastly, prevent tree roots from compromising your underground service line by removing tree routes.