1. Get the G2 and the G class license ASAP and take Drivers training.
2. Add G1 licensed children to the policy ASAP so they can gain insurance history while they are not impacting the price of the policy.
3. Try not to switch your cars every other year. Buy a car and stick with it for about 10 years.
4. Young drivers need older cars.
5. Young drivers should only have their very own vehicle once they have the full G class license, which would be mid-way through the age of 18. Until then, they should remain an occasional driver on the parent’s policy.
6. Drive carefully and drive responsibly. Do NOT use the phone while driving.
7. Properly maintain your vehicles breaks, tires, blinkers, wiper blades and make sure your windows are always clean to assure clear visibility.
8. Avoid parking lot collisions by backing into parking spots vs pulling in. You stand to avoid accidents while observing the parking directly instead of viewing it in the rear view mirror or reverse camera.