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When you need to make a claim because you have been injured.

When you need to make any changes to your policy and need advice in doing so.

If you experience a payment issue and need some flexibility in payment arrangements

If your upset with your insurance provider and need to talk with someone, aside from a lawyer, who can help you by providing the re-assuring guidance or sound advice.

If your internet connection or access to internet is unavailable

If you’re looking for a fast, easy, accurate insurance quote

Food for thought

Less Competition resulting from online insurance will limit the consumers’ ability to secure insurance properly for fair price in the future. Without a broker you are trapped without the ability to access other companies fast and efficiently. If the consumer demand shifts towards online insurance will it ultimately lead to monopolistic industry? Will it reduce the power of consumers to shop for a better rate? Will coverages and claim settlements be in less favour of the insured? Lastly how unaffordable can rates become once there is no competition to shop or share the risk?

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Answer your call, return your call, text back or simply reply to your email promptly when needed?

Connect you with trades people, real estate agents, lawyers, mortgage brokers, used or new car sales professionals?

Have an empathetic and genuine persona that is easily able to relate with?

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